Blinds are a product for windows and balcony doors that can protect joinery from wind, rain and snow and also make your home beautiful. Thanks to the aluminum slats and that are filled with polyurethane and shuters that contain thermail insulation in the box, your home will be additionally protected from the cold and unbearable heat.


External blinds

External blinds are blinds that are mainly designed for retrofitting on existing windows. Housing is located on the outer side and it is a rounded shape. They can have a manual or motor operation with an use of a button or remotely.

Thanks to the use of external blinds you can save as much as 30% of heat energy. Unquestionable positive feature is also soundproofing of external blinds. During the hot summer days external blinds protect against the sun's heat and maintain a pleasant room climate. Thanks to its dazzling skills they are perfectly suitable also for auditoriums or halls for screenings. External blinds protect windows against atmospheric influences and increase their durability.

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Blinds with external box

Blinds with external box are ideal for darkening rooms, and also protect windows, patio doors and shop windows from the weather.

Blinds with external box are mounted in the situation when the window is already built, and construction hole processed. Construction of external blinds can be made of aluminum or PVC. Blinds can be mounted on the outside of the window and the guides attached to the window. It is possible to raise and lower the blinds with the use of an engine, and it can be contoled with a button or a remote control. Access to a shutter mechanism, for the purposes of repairs and servicing, is on the outside. A small drawback is that the box partially covers the upper zone of the glass and reduces the bright window aperture but a compromise must be made.

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Blinds with internal box

Blinds with internal box is an excellent product with an attractive design.

Indoor blinds are installed together with the window, therefore attached to the window on the upper side before installation. It is recommended that when creating construction opening, you should take into account the height of the box blinds, so that the height of the window will not small. The best solution is to leave the "tooth" in the upper zone of building openings and behind it you can hide a shutter box, while the height of the window remains the same. Since cold air is entering the box from the outside, this type of box must have adequate thermal insulation. Access to a shutter mechanism, for the purposes of repairs and servicing, is on the inside

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Aluminium slat

Aluminium slat is contemporary designed, excellent workmanship made following the strict quality control


They consist of a polyurethane filling inside and aluminum foil on the outside. Previously, painted to ensure long lasting color. They are used for the production of aluminum blinds with PVC or aluminum box.


These aluminium slats, also like 39.5 ALUGIX are waterproof, they are characterized by excellent acoustic properties, resistant to wind blows, provide security against burglary, saving energy. They also have the ability to control the providence of sunlight.


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Remote control


Push button


Vebbing strap machine