Glazing of terraces, balconies, cafes, swimming pools...

Terraces, balconies and winter gardens have a special part in exterior design. Glazing is an ideal way to increase the home area. Terrace or balcony with glass doors and windows can increase the living area, becomee a new room or a corner for rest and work. In homes that have winter gardens, these are the most popular places for gathering with friends and family and in the prettier half of the year - a link with the yard and garden.

Winter gardens offer a remarkable quality of life, your room surrounded by glass overlooking the garden, your glazed balcony with sliding doors, your pool covered with glass or your roof made of glass.

Winter gardens provide quality glazing of large areas and do not require any special maintenance. When planning you shoud take into account several factors: an adequate roof system and roof shape, proper sun protection, good ventilation, appropriate window system and adequate glass.

These structures are made of aluminum profiles and can be part of an existing building or completely independent. Glazed roof structure is set as single unit with garden walls.